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Black Galaxy Peel-Off Mask


Activated Charcoal/ Bentonite Clay/ Biodegradable mix:
Activated Charcoal: clear & brightens skin, antifungal & antibacterial properties, removes deeper impurities.
Bentonite Clay: unclogs skin pores, heals and regerates skin tissues, draws toxins from skin, exfoliates & softens skin.
Biodegradable glitter: look fabulous AF while taking care of your skin and the environment with glitter that is not made with plastic and that biodegrades with time.

Grass-fed Gelatin: adhesive properties that binds to dirt, oil, dead cells and toxins on the surface of the skin, reveals softer newer skin.

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Make your own natural peel-off mask with this easy DIY set. It comes with instructions on how to make and use it.
Each ingredient comes in a beautiful upcycled mini glass jar or bottle.

Perfect for a love one or a gift to youself.

Comes in a beautiful package.

Sold as individual set or you can built your own gift basket.