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Reef Safe Organic Sunscreen Butter – Tin Container


Arubalife Organics Sunscreen Butter SPF 30

Sun Protection for All Skin Types
Water Resistant (80 minutes)
Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
Natural & Organic Raw Ingredients
The safer choice for Humans & the Ocean
Great for Adults and Children

Local (Aruba) drop off or pickup only. For international orders, special or wholesale orders please contact us.



Is your sunscreen safe for your health? Is your sunscreen poisoning the ocean and killing coral reefs? Check out our Reef Safe Organic Sunscreen.

A significant amount (80% or more) of sun care products on the market contain harmful ingredients that have been shown to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the body. This can be measured in blood, breast milk, and urine samples. They can also cause allergic reactions.

One ingredient in particular (oxybenzone) interacts with human sex and thyroid hormones, disrupting our hormone system. It acts like estrogen in the body, alters sperm productions in animals and is associated with endometriosis in women!

Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3) is also one of the most harmful chemicals for our coral reefs and coral fishes. Every year between 6000 and 14000 tons of sunscreen gets washed off into our oceans and onto our reefs, accelerating the bleaching process of the corals.

Protect your body while preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems with our organic ingredient and mineral based sunscreen butter. It contains only the essential ingredients to protect and moisturize your skin – nothing more.

Applying mineral based sunscreen might be different to what you are used to – it is thicker and whiter, which is a good thing because you know the zinc is non-nano particles. A little goes a long way. But, remember¬†to reapply often! Every 90 minutes or less if you’ve been swimming and sweating.

organic coral reef safe sunscreen and sunblock lotion

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Unfiltered Beeswax, Non - Nano & Uncoated Zinc- Oxide (will not penetrate your skin and will not harm corals) organic coral reef safe sunscreen and sunblock lotion
Please, don't use sunscreen every day! You need that sunshine! Vit D place a crucial role in preventing cancer, it makes you a happier person and is crucial for your overall health. Sunscreen is to be used when you are going to be in the sun for an extended long period of time and during peak sun hours. A little goes a long way. Apply all over the face and body and rub it in really well. Reapply every 90 minutes or after swimming or sweating. organic coral reef safe sunscreen and sunblock lotion