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Organic Reef Safe Sunscreen


This is a mineral-based, reef-safe sunscreen that is made with 100% natural origin ingredients, 76.5% certified organic ingredients. It’s gentle and safe for the whole family, and even safe for Mother Earth.

Apply a generous amount and rub into all exposed skin. Re-apply every 90 minutes, or immediately after swimming/ or heavy sweating. This is a mineral-based sunscreen, expect a slight white cast.

A hat, sunglasses and natural fabric clothing provide added protection. Seek shade from direct sun light between the hours of 10 am and 3pm.

A note about sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen does not equal not getting sunburned. Aruba’s sun is very powerful and it should not to be taken lightly, be very cautious. You have to put sunscreen correctly for it to work properly. And everybody’s skin is different.

If you do not apply enough sunscreen, you are not getting the mentioned SPF. If you have fair skin or you haven’t seen the sun in a long while, please do not stay longer than what your skin can handle. As soon as your skin starts turning pink it’s time to seek shade and add extra protection. In this case, it’s also advisable to leave the sunscreen on thicker instead of rubbing it all in.


Rebel at heart, wife, mom, matcha lover and zero waste enthusiast, Julienne Heronimo is the founder of ArubaLife Organics. Her wellness and zero waste journey started more than a decade ago, but after getting pregnant with her first child she became even more invested in what she and her family ate and used on a daily basis on their skin and in their home. This is when her passion for natural skincare formulation has begun.

After purging all of her conventional makeup and skincare products, she started experimenting and formulating her own products, but using only minimal, pure and organic ingredients. Julienne has completed various certificates on making natural skincare formulations, makeup and sunscreen training, and after almost a decade she still makes every single product herself. ArubaLife Organics offers a range of sun care, personal care and makeup products. Her goal was and always is to create products that are safe and effective, but also environmentally friendly.