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In 2013, while expecting her first child, Julienne Heronimo began her journey in her kitchen, giving rise to Arubalife Organics. As a new mother, Julienne’s heightened awareness of the toxic ingredients in everyday cosmetics inspired her to take action. At the time, Aruba lacked organic and natural skincare and makeup options.

In 2014, she founded Arubalife Organics, dedicated to creating suncare, bodycare, skincare, and makeup products with a minimalist approach, primarily of natural origin and organic ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. One of the brand’s early triumphs was the rapid success of their reef-safe sunscreen. Notably, Arubalife Organics Sunscreen became the island’s first locally produced reef-safe alternative, years before the subsequent ban on oxybenzone in 2020.

Today, the brand maintains its mission: crafting products that are better for us humans and the planet.