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Organic Lip Tint


This all-natural deeply pigmented formula is full of health giving elements. Packed with skin softening and moisturizing oils and butters. Use daily on lips for a soft and kissable pout. Can also be used as cream blush.

Shades: (from L to R) Natural Beauty, Sheer Cranberry, Pinot Noir, Chocolat


Carmine Powder

A natural pigment from the Cochineal beetle creates a stunning ruby-red color

Organic Beeswax

Natural emollient to moisturize and soften skin provides a protective layer from harmful UV rays and is a natural antiseptic

Organic Coconut Oil

Softens skin, anti-microbial, anti-aging, heals chapped lips, protects from sun’s harmful rays

Organic Cacao Butter

An aromatic butter, high in anti-oxidants, hydrates lips deeply, makes them soft and plump

Non GMO Vitamin E

Natural moisturizer, anti-oxidant and healing vitamin that protects skin’s fatty acids and fights free radicals
Apply to the lips with clean lipstick brush or clean finger. Layer to reach desired color. To use as a cream blush stroke tint on fingers and dab onto cheeks.