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Why Organic?

Because the skin is the largest organ of the body and can absorb almost everything we put on it, we should be a little more conscious of what we use on our skin.

Makeup is often loaded with toxic and synthetic chemicals that can irritate the skin, disrupt our hormonal balance, mutate our DNA, cause cancers and many more complications. They are just plain poison. They could even make our skin age prematurely, oh the horror! Women absorb up to 5 lb of damaging chemicals a year through to cosmetics alone.

Because we do not ingest our makeup –except for the occasional lipstick, gloss or balm- all of these fat-loving chemicals are not broken down and eliminated by the stomach, liver and kidneys. Instead, these chemicals are absorbed by the skin and go directly into the bloodstream to the vital organs, where the organ fat stores them. Just imagine the kind of damage these chemicals can do to your body!

Also, beware of most so-called ‘natural and organic’ makeup. Even though I use these terms in my products, most big companies use them unfairly.

Mineral makeup is a big trend in the makeup world these days; although most oxides (minerals) used in cosmetics are synthetically made in a lab, they use the words natural and organic to mislead the consumer. Mica, the mineral that gives a lot of makeup it’s shimmer, is natural, but certainly not (human) cruelty free. Profits are made off the backs of young children in India, working for lower and lower wages. The work is hard and dangerous, the mines they work in often collapse, they suffer respiratory illnesses and suffer from skin infections from cuts, risk poisonous bites from insects and snakes and they don’t get the opportunity to go to school.

I would love for you to make an informed decision when buying and using makeup. Get to know us and trust Arubalife Organics as a truly natural and safe makeup brand.


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